Orange flower water

Orange flower water has been used since antiquity as a beauty treatment, especially for dry and delicate skin. It tones, hydrates, soothes, refreshes and regenerates the skin, making the skin brighter.

Orange flower extract

The orange is an evergreen tree originating from Asia that was introduced to Sicily and Calabria by the Arabs. An extract is obtained its intense scented white flowers that is valuable in cosmetics due to its antiseptic, refreshing, invigorating properties, as well as restorative and revitalising effects.

Calendula extract

The extract obtained from calendula officinalis has unique characteristics. Calming and refreshing, it is known for its healing and anti-ageing effect. Also recommended for the treatment of acne and for the hair.

Mulberry extract

Mulberry is a centuries-old fruit tree belonging to the Moraceae family. Its fruits have many medicinal properties thanks to the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In phytocosmetics, the mulberry extract is used for its emollient, moisturising, soothing and antioxidant action.

Lemon extract

Lemon extract is widely used for the treatment of impure and hyperseborrhea skins. Rich in vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and alpha-hydroxy acids, it has antioxidant, purifying and brightening properties.

Pomegranate extract

The extract obtained from pomegranate seeds contains a high percentage of flavonoids which makes it an excellent antioxidant, useful in counteracting the formation of free radicals and hence preventative action against skin ageing.

Jasmine extract

Jasmine is a plant belonging to the Oleaceae family. Commonly used in gardens as an ornamental plant, jasmine is also appreciated in phytocosmetics. Its extract has a toning, calming and soothing action and its scent has relaxing and regenerating properties.

Peony extract

The peony, besides being a plant that has fascinated us for millennia with its enormous and extraordinarily elegant flowers, is also a valuable beauty ally. Its extract has an antioxidant, illuminating and uniforming effect on the skin and is ideal for treating all types of skin, even the most delicate.

Peach extract

The peach is a tree cultivated throughout Italy. Its fruits are a good source of vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts. Peach extract is used in cosmetics for its softening, velvety and moisturising properties that help make the skin fresh and brighter.

Red vine extract

The red vine is a climbing plant widely known for the healing properties of its leaves. Its extract has antioxidant and draining effects that make it suitable for the treatment of cellulite, varicose veins and swelling.

Flaxseed extract

Flaxseed extract is used in cosmetics for taking care of and the beauty of the skin and above all the hair, to which it bestows shine and softness. The high content of minerals, proteins and lipids gives it emollient and protective properties which make it a great natural remedy for dull and weakened hair.

Borage oil

An oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids is extracted from the borage seeds that provides a softening action and soothing and antioxidants properties. For this reason, the use of borage oil is particularly indicated in cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin, to prevent dehydration and to counteract skin ageing.

Prickly pear oil

The oil derived from the prickly pear seeds is a valuable cosmetic ingredient, known since antiquity by Berber women for soothing the skin irritated by the sun and the warm wind of the desert. It possesses antioxidant, regenerative, soothing and moisturising properties.

Olive oil

Thanks to a composition very similar to that of sebum naturally present in the epidermis, olive oil is one of the best vegetable oils for cosmetic use. Rich in vitamins, mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, tocopherols, it is an excellent emollient, softening and elasticising ingredient valuable at all stages of skin dryness and desquamation.

Sweet almond oil

Known for its delicacy and used in cosmetics for millennia, almond oil is rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and fatty acids. As a result, it is great for combating skin ageing and dry skin. Calming, emollient, softening and nourishing it is suitable for all types of skin, even for the delicate skin of children.

Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seed oil contains a very high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (particularly oleic and lonoleic), vitamins (A, D, E), lecithins, minerals: substances that give it a high emollient, moisturising, refreshing power and rebalancing properties for sensitive and irritated skin.

Sesame oil

Popular since the sixth century BC, today sesame oil is widely used in cosmetics. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it is able to tackle wrinkles, sunspots and other signs of time.

Mint essential oil

Mint essential oil is obtained from the newly flowering areas of the peppermint plant by steam distillation. In cosmetics it is used for its antiseptic, astringent, refreshing and draining properties.