Giardini Ipogei,
a paradise of scents
and colors that
touch the soul.

The vivid colors, the tastes and smells of Sicily are expressed in all their strength in the Giardini Ipogei di Favignana.

Created inside ancient tufa quarries, Favignana’s Giardini Ipogei (underground gardens) represent a sort of natural greenhouse in the belly of the Earth where, thanks to the high walls’ protection from the wind and salt, incredibly lush Mediterranean vegetation grows.

These natural places of peace and prosperity, rich in heady aromas and intense colors, inspired our cosmetics line.

Each product is a cosmetic experiential journey. Each formula is designed to recreate the excitement and the poetry of these extraordinary natural landscapes framed in stone, with textures that caress the skin like a gentle breeze and perfumes that capture fragrances of flowers, fruits and herbs.